Mótmæli á Austurvelli

- Milli 7000 og 8000 manns tóku þátt í mótmælunum á Austurvelli í gærkvöldi. Fólk grýtti m.a. eggjum, skyri og flöskum í Alþingishúsið og barði tunnur meðan á Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir flutti stefnuræðu sína.

– Over 30 windows were broken during protests at the Icelandic parliament building, the Althingi, last night. Three police officers and one protester were also injured.

The 8,000-strong protesters also showered the building in paint and food colouring and one window was smashed at the neighbouring Domkirkjan cathedral.

A large bonfire was lit in the middle of Austurvollur Square (outside parliament) and police described the vast majority of the protesters as peaceful. Nobody was arrested despite the high level of vandalism.

The protesters were protesting various things; but mostly the perceived lack of promised government help to indebted householders. Many were also there to call for new elections. At least one person in the crowd was waving a Nazi Swastika flag; something which has drawn widespread condemnation. (www.icenews.is)

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